Restraining Order Filed Against Granny Who Won’t Stop Feeding Carrots To Neighbor’s Horse

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Not gonna lie, there’s nothing like a sad animal that’ll get you feeling some kind of way.

It’s like those “In The Arms Of An Angel” Sarah McLachlan dog adoption commercials… those shivering and hungry dogs on TV will make you want to go to your local animal shelter and adopt all twenty of them.

Although sometimes, it’s best to just leave them alone… this granny found that out the hard way.

According to Daily Mail, a grandmother has received a restraining order after constantly feeding a retired racehorse carrots because she thought it looked “sad.”

Margaret Porter started sneaking carrots to the horse (named Nelson) after she was convinced he was in dire need of food.

She was eventually warned by Nelson’s owner Suzanne Cooke not to.

Cooke told Porter that feeding the horse like that could poison it, or give it colic.

Of course, Porter ignored the warnings, and constantly called the police and RSPCA on Cooke, who accused her of harassment.

After law enforcement heard both sides of the story on Thursday, they found Porter guilty of harassment, and slapped her with a nice little restraining order. She was also fined 180 Euros, with court costs of 310 Euros and a 34 Euro court surcharge.

Porter, who doesn’t work, will pay 10 Euros a month from her state pension.

Porter said she first became interested in the horse after passing Nelson’s paddock on the edge of the village:

“I saw him standing outside his stables and I thought he looked quite sad.

I didn’t examine the horse but I noticed him. The fields were frozen at the time and there was snow on the ground. I passed six or seven times a day and didn’t see his owner with him once.”

He looked thin and I began speaking to people about my concerns in the hope someone would take it on board and try and get her to look after the horse properly. I was getting quite distressed about the situation.

I decided to give him a few carrots at the fence, it never occurred to me that anyone else would be bothered about that, I just didn’t want him starving to death.”

I understand the desire to want to feed the horse, but when you’re constantly being told not to, you gotta call it quits at some point.

Now Mrs. Porter is paying the price…

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