Muscadine Bloodline Drops Music Video For “Dispatch To 16th Ave.”

I swear this Muscadine Bloodline song “Dispatch to 16th Ave.” gets better and better every time I listen to it.

It’s the ultimate shot at the Nashville machine, as Charlie and Gary sing about the price you pay trying to make it in the Music City, either having to sell your soul to a bigtime label, or try to do things your own way and struggle to make it.

In the case of Muscadine Bloodline, they’re the outlier. Doing it their own way, not playing the game, and having a ton of success doing so.

But now, we’ve finally got a music video to go along with the song.

The ‘Dispatch’ video is an ironic example of a young artist losing motivation of his dream in the music business. We portrayed this by setting the scene with the music industry killing him.” 

The video shows a man who got shot, and Charlie and Gary pull up as cops at the scene. The man is then rushed to the hospital, where Charlie and Gary are also nurses. Then, after the man passes away, they’re coroners.

Finally, Charlie is the pastor at the man’s funeral.

Their upcoming album, Dispatch To 16th Ave. is set for release on February 4th.

Muscadine Bloodline also stopped by the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast recently (our first three time guest) to talk about making it in the music business as independent artists.

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