Jimmy, Colby, & Ryan Break Down Yellowstone Season 4, Episode 2 On “Stories From The Bunkhouse”

As we’re still processing the opening to Yellowstone season four, we have yet another opportunity to gain some insight and perspective from some of the show’s key stars.

Yellowstone has now given us “Stories from the Bunkhouse (Ep. 22),” and it goes even further in-depth to the beginning of season four.

We’re getting insight from Jefferson White (Jimmy), Ian Bohen (Ryan), and Denim Richards (Colby) once again, and they start off this episode by discussing how strange it is to walk into a hot spring nude, referring to the scene with Kayce and John.

They then start discuss Finn Little’s character, Carter.

Bohen noted:

“There’s this boy that Beth meets on the sidewalk.”

White then stated:

“Ya know it’s fascinating to sort of watch this boy work his way into Beth and Rip’s strange little family. It’s been a huge and important, and informative sort of thing for Beth. She can’t have children of her own. And of her relationship to Rip.”

Bohen added:

“She’s introducing this thing, with one foot out the door. Bringing a kid home, kind of to poke at Rip. He’s very mean, actually, to the kid.”

White then said:

“It’s interesting the way you put that, because Beth, she like experiments, she’s like non-committal. Like Beth was only ever really committed to John Dutton and maybe Rip in her life, anything else she kind of dabbles. But Rip commits, in-part because Rip like he doesn’t go halfway. He’s keeping you on the outside, until you’re all the way inside, and you’re sort of part of his family.”

“And whereas Beth she kind of starts it out like it’s part of a game.”

When Bohen asked what her purpose was with Carter, Richards (Colby) responded:

“I think she like wants to be, you know a mother. I think also that weird, kind of fractured relationship she had with her mom, I think that’s like, they’re both kind of loving this kid in the way they were raised.

In the beginning, I think she just kind of does the kid a favor.”

White then talked about how she loves power, and she maybe felt some sense of power with Carter, and she might see him in a similar situation Rip was in growing up.

They then talk about Jamie’s big move, buying his own ranch.

Bohen then says he has questions about Jamie’s move. He thinks that he really doesn’t want to be a landowner, and wants to get out of his situation with his family. He then says he thinks the whole move was doomed from the get go, and the group discusses what they think working on Jamie’s ranch would be like.

Lastly, they talk about Jimmy’s big comeback to health and riding again.

White says:

“To start all the way back at the beginning again, I think is like an incredible and sort of humbling journey, because this is the second time Jimmy’s been hurt really badly.

I think him trying to rebuild, and I think that’s kind of the theme throughout the show, is like seasons of growth, seasons of loss, seasons of rebuilding, rebirth, beginning again, there’s something humbling about it.

You’re always learning, you’re never done.”

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