Luke Combs Gifts California High School FFA Chapter Tickets To See Him At The Grand Ole Opry

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Luke Combs is good people.

It feels like every couple weeks, we’re putting out a story about another awesome thing he did for a fan of his. And, the best part is that Luke does it out of the kindness of his heart, not to get attention or as some PR stunt.

He quietly payed off the funeral expenses of the three young men who tragically passed away at the Faster Horses Festival a few months ago, and even gifted a North Carolina teacher her entire school supplies list back in August, just to name a few examples.

And ahead of his Grand Ole Opry performance Tuesday night, Hana Hanson, a High School teacher from Willows, California, reached out to Luke on Twitter to tell him just how badly the kids in her FFA chapter wanted to catch his show while on a trip to Nashville for the National FFA Convention:

“I have my Willows CA FFA Chapter here in Nashville tonight and they are DYING to see you at the Grand Ole Opry!

We tried to get tickets but our kids can’t afford it I so wish I could give them this gift because they idolize you!!”

Unfortunately, a lot of the students couldn’t afford to buy a ticket to the show, but Luke stepped up big time and put all the tickets on his tab:

“Tickets are on me! Y’all have fun tonight. Someone from my team will reach out and get y’all set up!”

It’s so refreshing to see an artist truly care about his fans and take care of them. And surely, it was a night those students will never forget, either.

Hana later followed up on the tweet with a photo of the kids on the Grand Ole Opry stage prior to the show, saying that it was the first concert many of them had ever been to and was a dream come true:

“Oh my gosh!! You do not know how much this means to these kiddos!

Some of them have never even been to a concert before and this would just be the most incredible experience for them! We are so grateful for you!!”

You absolutely love to see it. If this isn’t the epitome of everything country music is all about, I don’t know what is.

Oh, and guess what? Luke wasn’t about to let all those students leave Music City without getting to meet them first:

“The night was ended with a private backstage showing in Studio A and a special meet and greet with Luke Combs himself!

It was truly the best way to spend the the last night in Nashville at the Grand Ole Opry! A huge thank you to the Luke Combs, his crew and the Grand Ole Opry for making this such an amazing experience!”

So freaking awesome of him… I couldn’t be happier to have a guy like Luke representing mainstream country music.

Seems like an appropriate time to cue this one up:

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