Marshawn Lynch Ripped Shots Before Going On Peyton & Eli, Drops F-Bomb On Monday Night Football

Marshawn Lynch

I don’t think there’s a professional athlete out there who’s ever been loved more for not giving a shit than Marshawn Lynch.

It goes back to his college days at Cal, when he stole an injury cart and drove it all over the field after a big win (today’s the anniversary of this moment, by the way), to him absolutely ending defensive players career in the NFL, and we can’t forget his infamous “I’m just here so I don’t get fined” quote.

He’s retired now, so if you thought he didn’t give a shit before, he definitely doesn’t now… and it’s hilarious.

He just made an appearance on the Monday Night Football special broadcast with Peyton and Eli Manning, and he just might be the best guest on the show to date.

The New Orleans Saints are currently playing at the Seattle Seahawks, and his analysis has been absolutely wild.

For example, the Seahawks went backwards on the last play of the end of the first half, and Lynch’s response?

“Oh, what the fuck?”



Eli also brought up Lynch’s pregame ritual of taking a shot of Hennessey before a game, and he gladly responded that he took a three shot for him, Peyton, and Eli.

And also… he shared his thoughts on Eli Manning at the Super Bowl in 2007:

“Little bro actually threw a ball to a dude and he caught it with his head type shit.

That’s pretty impressive wouldn’t you say?”

Never change Marshawn, never change.

This might be his last time featured in an ESPN segment, so we gotta take it all in.

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