If This LSU/Ole Miss Pledge Brawl Doesn’t Scream “My Dad Is A Lawyer,” I Don’t Know What Does

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You gotta love freshman year of college.

It’s your first true test of independence, and not having to worry about your parents being up your ass about what you’re doing all the time.

And for those of y’all that went to colleges with Greek life, that freshman year will forever go down as one to remember, for better or for worse.

Especially as a pledge…

Exhibit A:

The Ole Miss Rebels were taking on the LSU Tigers, and, well, the Rebels gave the Tigers a beat down, winning 31-17.

However, the performance by the Ole Miss football team wasn’t nearly the most entertaining part of the game.

A few Ole Miss frat pledges got into a good ol’ fashioned shouting match with some LSU students in the stands, and before you could blink, that whole section of the stadium started throwing windmill punches left and right.

Landing them? That’s a different story…

And of course, you had a trust fund kid from LSU stop for a second to make sure someone could “hold his Costas,” and proceeded to join the melee…. just long enough to get decked by an Ole Miss pledge.

If this brawl doesn’t scream “my dad is a lawyer,” I don’t know what does…


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A beer bottle on a dock