Why Did Costco Stop Selling Those Glorious 48-Packs Of Kirkland Signature Light Beer?

Kirkland Signature light

Growing up in a tiny town with no Costco within an hour and a half from me, I’ve never gotten to experience the superstore that is the adult version of Disney World.

I’ve heard about how great the food is, the free samples, the industry size products you can buy, and the endless selection of items (seriously, it’s like an upscale flea market).

I’ve also heard war stories about the Kirkland-brand beer they sell there, and the ginormous 48-can pack for $22. I mean, that’s some serious bang for your buck right there if I’ve ever seen it.

However, they officially discontinued Kirkland Signature Light in 2018. Why? It’s really simple…

It tasted like ass…

Clocking in at a paltry 4.2% alcohol content, it garnered a solid 63 out of 100 rating according to 122 ratings from Beer Advocate. Where does that fall on the all-time beer rankings? 51,017.

So WAY near the bottom.

On top of that, some reviews from Rate Beer were less than stellar…

Here’s some of the best:

“The beer actually smells like a urine soaked diaper sitting on a piping-hot radiator.”

“Tastes like it’s been sitting in a men’s urinal in Tijuana in 110 degree temperature.”

“It’s brewed and filtered through the sweat socks of the owners and GM of the brewery.”

“Flavors of insipid soggy bread.”

“Tastes of malt, corn, wheat, cardboard.”

“Smells like cooked veg and underage cat pee.”

“Mild lemon and rubber smell, a bit like a garbage disposal.”

So if there were any fans of the cheap beer and were wondering why their $22 48-packs disappeared, here’s your answer… you were in the minority.

I guess when you’re dropping only $22 for 48 beers, you’re gonna get what you’re paying for.

But we all know that it wasn’t just the VERY affordable purchase price, it was those glorious homemade commercials.

Kirkland Beer 1984

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A beer bottle on a dock