Dog The Bounty Hunter Stays In Florida After Coroner’s Report: “Strangulation Is Not An Accident”

Duane Chapman Dog the bounty hunter

“I couldn’t bring myself to leave.”

Change of plans… the Dog is staying in Florida.

It was widely reported that an ankle injury was going to sideline Duane Chapman, AKA Dog the Bounty Hunter, from continuing the manhunt for Brian Laundrie, the man wanted for the murder of his own fiancée, Gabby Petito.

Dog has mainly focused his search on Fort De Soto Park near Tampa, and he even said that he believes he’s found evidence that Laundrie is (or was) in the area.

Dog’s daughter Lyssa tweeted recently that her dad was heading back to Colorado temporarily to “handle some business,” but it was also revealed that Dog would head back to Colorado for treatment on the ankle.

However today, in light of the Teton County Coroner’s news about how Gabby Petito was murdered, Dog couldn’t bring himself to leave.

He went even further in a new video today, explaining that he thinks Brian’s family knew that he murdered his fiancée, and they are culpable for helping him evade capture.

“The Coroner’s report isn’t good for the entire Laundrie family, Brian’s only chance is to turn himself in, he cannot run forever.

The Laundries have stonewalled Gabby’s family because they knew what Brian had done, and it looks like they’ve helped him run. And now it seems like based on the report, coupled with their behavior, they aided and abetted a murder.

Strangulation is not an accident. Strangulation is not an accident…. Brian make a deal and turn yourself in now.”

Dog has also contributed $10,000 dollars to the reward money for the capture of Brian, a man he suspects might in fact be a serial killer.

Stay tuned…

He also added that he thinks Brian called his parents right after the murder happened.

Dog ain’t fuckin’ leaving…

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