Dog The Bounty Hunter Believes He’s Found Personal Items Belonging To Fugitive Brian Laundrie

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Is Dog getting closer to the target?

If you’re like most people online, you’ve been following along with every development in the hunt for Brian Laundrie, the Florida man suspected of killing his fianceé Gabby Petito while the couple were on a cross-country roadtrip.

But if you haven’t been following along, here’s a quick refresher:

Brian and Gabby went on a cross country road trip this past summer, with the couple living in their van. Brian returned to Florida at the beginning of September; Gabby, however, never came back.

Her body was eventually found in Grand Teton National Park, and Brian has now gone missing himself after leaving his parents’ home. A warrant has been issued for his arrest for using Gabby’s debit card after her death.

The FBI have been searching for Brian in the reserve where his parents said he had gone hiking. But now he has somebody else on his trail too: Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Dog (whose real name is Duane Chapman) showed up at the Laundrie house over the weekend, and has been searching for Brian ever since.

And it seems that he’s already making some progress.

Dog’s investigation revealed that he and his family reportedly went camping at Fort De Soto Park, 75 miles north of the their home. And according to Dog, Brian didn’t leave the campsite with them. (The family’s attorney says otherwise, however).

Dog also uncovered that Brian purchased a burner phone on the day that his parents say they last saw him.

Since these latest developments, Dog has been focusing his search on the Fort De Soto Park area, where he believes Brian is still alive and hiding out.

And according to Dog’s daughter, Lyssa Chapman, Dog believes he’s on the right track – because he believes he’s found some items that belong to Laundrie.

In an interview with reporter Brian Entin (who is a must-follow on Twitter if you’re as into this case as I am), Lyssa’s dad and his team believe that Brian is on island in the Fort De Soto Park area, and that he’s staying put during the day and mostly coming out at night after the parks are closed.

Lyssa also revealed that Dog has found what he believes to be a campsite and personal items used by Brian.

Dog has a K9 tracking team assisting him with the search, and has also enlisted the help of some former federal agents as he (hopefully) closes in on Brian.

I can’t even tell you how much I’m rooting for Dog to catch this guy.

Go get ’em, Dog.

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