Koe Wetzel Dropped The Hammer On A Big Texas Buck

A man holding a deer

Koe Wetzel is a skilled enough hunter and fisherman that it doesn’t matter what method he utilizes, he’s more than capable of getting the job done.

Recently a feature-length video detailing his 2020 New Mexico elk hunt showcased his incredible accuracy with a rifle as he dropped a big bull elk at more than 540-yards

Earlier this fall, he showed off his skills with a knife, as he used a blade to dispatch a monstrous alligator down in Texas. Believe it or not, a sharp knife is actually one of the most effective methods for hunting gators.

When it comes to catching fish, he’s proven that he’s pretty skilled at doing it with both a rod and reel and his bare hands.

Now from the looks of things, he’s back in action with his trusty ole bow and arrow.

Archery season down in Wetzel’s home state just recently opened on October 2nd, and it didn’t take long at all for him to send an arrow into the type of big, bad, white-tailed buck that Texas is known for.

It’s a pretty damn impressive buck, too, with a rack displaying just as much character as Wetzel’s wild personality. The brow tines are uniquely just as tall as the rest of the antlers and the rack is spread further apart than a double-wide trailer.

It appears to be the type of old, mature deer that every hunter dreams of taking. Big wall-hangin’ bucks just don’t get much more perfect than that. 

Though he’s known for his loud music and crazy antics, footage from the field shows the tremendous amount of respect he has for the old battle-worn buck he just stuck with an arrow. He takes a moment to reflect on his hunt with some quiet adoration for the big buck while admiring its antlers up close for the first time.

Shooting a trophy buck like that is certainly something that gets the adrenaline pumping, but as any hunter knows, the thrill of the hunt soon fades into a feeling of soulful admiration for the wild animal you just out-dueled. 

Congrats on a great buck, and kudos to him for setting a great example by showing off a video that genuinely displays how much he reveres the animal he just hunted.

Check out his original post on Instagram and scroll on over past the picture below to see video footage of the powerful moment he pays his respects to this mighty old buck one last time. 

“God Bless West Texas. Thankful to be able to take this old hammer this morning!”

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