‘Saturday Night Live’ Gets Blasted For Joking About Death Of Gabby Petito With Dog The Bounty Hunter Skit

That didn’t take long.

On last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, Owen Wilson handled the hosting duties, Kacey Musgraves brought the music, and Pete Davidson showed up as Dog the Bounty Hunter.

In a segment called “School Board Meeting,” the skit brought various characters in front of the school board to air their various grievances about the COVID-19 protocols.

Of course, everybody was way off topic…

And while the skit was actually pretty awful, Pete Davidson had some people cracking up when he walked into the shot dressed as Dog The Bounty Hunter, inquiring into the whereabout of Brian Laundrie,

However, others thought SNL went too far…

I generally like to give comedy as much freedom as possible… you know, nothing is really off limits. I’m usually the one telling people to lighten up, but still… I really can’t imagine Gabby’s family seeing this right now.

See the skit for yourself.

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