Morgan Wallen Teases New Hip-Hop Track… And His Fans Don’t Love It

Morgan Wallen speaking into a microphone

People always hope they’ll run into a celebrity when they visit Nashville.

And if you’re on Broadway, the famous strip of honky tonks downtown, chances are decent that on any given night you might run into Morgan Wallen.

Obviously, there was the arrest at Kid Rock’s bar last year. But over the past few months, Morgan has made surprise appearances onstage at Kid Rock’s, as well as Jason Aldean’s bar, and he’s also performed at the openings for bars owned by Miranda Lambert and Justin Timberlake.

Then of course there was his surprise return to the big stage when he made an appearance at Luke Bryan’s show in Nashville, where he performed a couple of his own songs and also joined Luke, Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line to perform Jason’s song “She’s Country.”

It’s gotten to the point where people visiting Nashville will post in local Facebook groups pretty much every day asking where Morgan Wallen is, hoping to catch one of his surprise performances while they’re in town.

So yeah, Morgan’s spent some time on Broadway.

And apparently, he’s learned some lessons from hanging out there:

Leave them Broadway girls alone.

Morgan posted a clip of a new hip-hop sounding song to his Instagram, one that seems to be inspired by his time on Broadway – and he even specifically mentions Jason Aldean’s bar.

Morgan noted that he doesn’t know “what this is or what it’s for” so who knows if this is a song we’ll ever get a full-length version of or see on a future album, but he said that it “sounds bout right.”

Fans, on the other hand, were pretty divided in the comments (which surprised me).

Obviously, there were some who love it (and let’s be honest, there are tons of people who are going to love anything and everything that Morgan puts out).

But there were also quite a few comments along these lines:

“Nope, going down the bro-country road. Very sad to hear.”

“I love you. I really do. but this aint it …”

“Honestly, no.”

“Morgan what is this?”

“Chill with the pop bruh.”

“This ain’t it chief.”

“Stay real country Morg, that’s why we love you.”


Well for those people (like me) who are fans of his more country-sounding stuff, Morgan left some reassurances in the comments:

“And don’t worry guys I ain’t forgot how to play my guitar lol”

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