Dog The Bounty Hunter Is Reportedly “Closing In” On Brian Laundrie, Actively Searching “Key Area”

Duane 'Dog' Chapman with long hair wearing sunglasses

The Dog is on the hunt.

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been following the hell out of this Brian Laundrie manhunt ever since Dog the Bounty Hunter announced that he was on the case. If there’s two things people love, it’s a crazy true crime story, and wild hillbilly characters like Joe Exotic, Billy The Exterminator, Dog The Bounty Hunter, etc….

This story, as sad as it is, has both.

Over the past few days, Duane Chapman, AKA Dog The Bounty Hunter, put his Florida honeymoon on pause to track down fugitive Brian Laundrie, the prime suspect in the murder of his fiancée, Gabby Petito.

Dog even showed up to the Laundrie home in North Port, Florida, and Brian’s mom immediately called the police on him. Although, it sounds like you can trust his parents about as far as you could throw ’em.

It’s an absolutely heartbreaking story… Brian and Gabby went on a cross country road trip this past summer, however Gabby never came back. Her body was eventually found in Grand Teton National Park, and Brian has now gone on the run. A warrant was issued for his arrest.

Dog’s investigation revealed that he and his family reportedly went camping at Fort De Soto Park, 75 miles north of the their home, however according to Dog, Brian didn’t leave with them. The family’s attorney says otherwise.

He also reportedly purchased a burner phone with an “older woman” on the day his parents say they last saw him.

However now, according to an exclusive new report from TMZ, Dog has learned that Brian is very much alive, and that he’s on the run. However, Dog has a beat on his location and is, according to a source, within an hour of where Laundrie is believed to be hiding.

“Dog is rolling to a remote site where he says Laundrie is hiding. Dog says he’ll be at the site in less than an hour.

We’re told Dog had obtained information that leads him to believe Laundrie was alive and moving around as of 10 PM on Tuesday.”

Does that mean anything? No, not really… but if Dog is the one to actually bring this bastard to justice, it might just make my entire year.

Just 20 minutes ago, Dog shared a clip… they got the boats fired up and are actively searching the area where he believed to be hiding.

It was reported earlier today that Chapman and his crew were targeting spots along the Appalachian Trail in western North Carolina, as possible hiding location is, however TMZ did not reveal the location.

Aloha Brian…

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