Reba Rescued From 100 Year Old Oklahoma Building After Staircase Collapses

A group of people on ladders

Now there’s a headline I never thought I’d be writing…

According to TMZ, Reba was touring a hundred year old building in Atoka, Oklahoma, when the building began to collapse.

The staircase crumbled, connecting multiple floors, trapping her and six other people inside.

Thankfully, the fire department was able to evacuate them through a window in the second floor before the entire building came down. Only minor injuries were reported by one member of the party who was transported to the hospital.

According to Emergency Management Director Travis Mullins, the building was in the process of being renovated and the stairs were set to be replaced.

It’s not exactly clear why Reba and her crew were let inside, perhaps the Oklahoma native is interested in purchasing the property.

Video from the scene captured Reba evacuating via fireman’s ladder.

Cue the very obvious “I’m A Survivor.”

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