Blackout The Entire Party With Fireball’s New 115-Shot “FireKeg”

A red can with a black label

I can already feel the hangover….

Everybody who drinks has some kind of bad Fireball story. I’m fully convinced at this point of my life that it’s a necessary part of the college experience.

The first shot gets you with that high octane kick, and a little spicy cinnamon flavor. Next thing you know, you’re saying to yourself:

“Ah, one more can’t hurt.”

Then, that “one more” turns into eight and then you wake up on your bathroom floor, clutching your toilet, and your friends are trying to revive you (No, I’m not speaking from experience…)

But now, Fireball is kicking things up a notch, as they’ve just unveiled the “FireKeg.”

Yes, you are reading that correctly… a keg of Fireball.

As if the iconic cinnamon whisky hasn’t left a mark on everybody already, they decided to step up their game with a 5.25-liter keg that is estimated to contain about 115 shots for a STEEP price of $75.

This could get ugly…

A yellow and black box

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock