I See Your Flower Girl, & I Raise You… Beer Boys

A group of people sitting on a stage with flowers and a band playing

Flower girls are SOOO 1999…

You want to take your wedding to the next level? Ditch the flower girls and getcha some…

Beer boys.

That’s right people, get one of your beer slingin’ bros to walk down the aisle barefoot with a bucket of cold cans, passing them out to your friends and family. And sure, you can sprinkle some flower pedals around too…

I mean, honestly… this is what the internet is for.

To hell with your political posts, to hell with your public family drama, to hell with all the constant bullshit that permeates social media… give me something I can laugh my ass off at for 15 seconds.

And let’s be honest, this should be at every wedding in America.

Nobody really wants to sit through your ceremony… sober.


Best Beer Boy Ever #wedding #beerboy #NeverStopExploring #fyp #foryoupage #SipIntoSummer

♬ original sound – Brendan

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock