Miami Fans Catch A Cat In An American Flag After It Falls From The Stadium’s Upper Deck

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I know it’s only week 2 of college football, but we’ve got an early frontrunner for the best catch of the season.

And it didn’t even come on the field.

The highlight of the Miami vs. Appalachian State game so far came during a heartstopping moment when a group of Hurricane fans with an American flag caught a cat that fell from the upper endzone balcony to the deck below.

Read that sentence again.

Now before you ask: How did the cat get there? I have no idea. How did the cat fall over the deck? Again, no idea.

The crowd held their breath as the cat dangled helplessly from the upper deck of the endzone. But luckily for the feline football fan, a group of Hurricane fans holding an American flag were standing below ready to catch the cat as it hung on for dear life before eventually losing its grip and making the fall to the deck below.

They say cats have 9 lives, and this one was definitely pressing his luck with that move.

Luckily the cat bounced off the American flag, then fell into the arms of another group of waiting fans holding a Miami flag before falling safely to the ground below.

I’m sure the poor guy was terrified – and it looks like it was a little pissed off too, but that may just be because the guy was trying to show him off like Simba from the Lion King.

Looks like we’ve found our MVP of this game. Give it to all those guys with the flags who were in position to save the day.

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