John Daly Tries To Send It Over The Backstop Throwing Out The First Pitch At The Cardinals Game

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John Daly, the OG of the term “grip it and rip it.”

His insanely long golf swing and full-throttle lifestyle has garnered him an impeccable amount of popularity since he burst onto the golf scene in 1991 with a PGA Championship.

And now, he’s bringing the term “grip it and rip it” to light in a whole different way…

No, we’re not talking about his golf mentality, pounding beers, or “gripping and ripping” darts, we’re talking about chucking a baseball.

On Wednesday, Daly was invited to throw out the first pitch in St. Louis, as the Cardinals took on the Dodgers.

However, in good ol’ Big John fashion, he decided to throw out the first pitch the only way he knows how:

To chuck it as far as he can.

When he went to throw the pitch, the man literally attempted to throw the ball into the stands.

“We’re gonna throw it as far as we can brother.”

He wasn’t quite able to get the ball over the backstop though, but on round two, he got the autographed ball over the fence and into the hands of a lucky young fan.

Talk about an absolute legend.

Never change, John. Never change…

And incase you didn’t know, Daly has dabbled a little in the country music scene.

Check out his song, “Hit It Hard.”

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