New Jersey Man Captures Terrifying Footage Of Tornado Sweeping Through Neighborhood

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This is absolutely insane.

If you’ve ever seen the 1996 movie Twister, you get the gist of the kind of terror a huge tornado can bring.

And if you’ve ever experienced a tornado yourself, you know that even though it only lasts a few seconds, it’s an absolutely terrifying few seconds as it comes rolling through your house like a freight train.

Mark Kobylinski, a resident of Pitman, New Jersey, took a chilling video as an F-3 tornado made its way through his neighborhood.

The video starts off on his back deck, and you can literally see the twister start to form. Once he realizes he’s in harms way, he quickly gathers his dog and heads to the basement.

He takes one quick shot upstairs, and as soon as he does, you hear glass breaking from a window. Kobylinski and his dog make their way into the basement, and all you can hear is the tornado ravaging the neighborhood.

You can also hear him constantly say:

“Holy sh*t, sh*t, f*ck.”

Yep, that’s pretty much what you’d hear me say as well.

The power then goes out, and once he realizes the tornado has come through, he makes his way back upstairs, to find out that his window has been blown out, and there’s tons of debris in the yard.

I mean, talk about TERRIFYING.

However, there is some good news, as Kobylinski captioned the video:

“Long video but shows the Mullica Hills tornado (making a) direct hit on our home. Incredible damage. Our neighborhood has been devastated but everyone is safe!”

According to the New York Post, the EF-3 was one of seven tornados that made its way through New Jersey and Pennsylvania last week, destroying countless homes and lives.

At least 25 people passed away as a result of the tornadoes and flooding in New Jersey, and police are still going door to door searching for more missing people.

The storms were set off by Hurricane Ida which made landfall in Louisiana on August 29th.

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