Chris Stapleton’s “Cold” Is One Of His Most Underrated

When someone has literally never put out a bad song, it’s easy for one or two to slide under the radar.

Insert Chris Stapleton’s “Cold.”

From his Starting Over album, the song is an absolute crusher which shows off the emotional grit in his voice.

Written by Chris, Dave Cobb, JT Cure and Derek Mixon, it’s not necessarily the lyrics that are going to get you, but how the simple words are belted out.

“Oh… why you got to be so cold
Why you got to go and cut me like a knife
And put our love on ice
Oh… girl you know you left this hole
Right here in the middle of my soul
Oh… why you got to be so cold”

I’m a sucker for that bluesy guitar and strings mix, add in Stapleton’s voice and this song is fantastic hidden gem. Shoutout to my brother for showing me this one, I can’t believe I overlooked it for so long.

Chris has a tendency to wait a couple years between releases, so we not be in for new music anytime soon, but the album cuts are better than 99.9% of anything else out there right now, so, hey, we can’t complain too much can we?

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