Koe Wetzel Teases New “Drunk Driving” Music Video And It Looks Like A Heart Crusher

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Koe Wetzel is no stranger to crazy-good music videos.

From a how-to on dealing with break-ups, to bass fishing and body dumping, to strippers, booze and drugs, to janitorial duties at a roller rink, Koe’s music videos are as wild and imaginative as anyone in the business.

And we’ve got another one coming in hot.

Today he shared a teaser for the “Drunk Driving” music video, and it seems like this one is going to be heart-wrencher in some type of way.

Just given the lyrics and tone of the song, you can already expect it to be sad, but also knowing the creative depression Koe is capable of putting into music, along with his taste for the cinematic in music videos, means this one may be one for the books.

It’ll be released tomorrow at 10am, so I’m expecting to be hitting the bottle sometime around 10:05…

Get ready.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock