Guy Hilariously Starts Chugging A Bottle Of Whiskey After Plane Suffers Mid-Flight Engine Failure

A group of people holding their hands together

Everybody copes differently…

You get dumped, do you grab yourself a bucket of ice cream and cry at home on the couch, or do you get a bucket of booze, hit the town and get some strange?

Or here’s another example…

When the engines go out on your airplane mid-air, do you hold hands with the other passengers and pray, or… do you bomb a bottle of whiskey?

Because that’s exactly what happened to this group of passengers on a flight back in 2019. The flight from Caracas, Venezuela, to Miami was forced to land in the Dominican Republic after the plane suffered engine failure.

Thankfully they managed to land the plane without incident, but that didn’t stop those aboard from going into full blown panic mode.

Many joined hands and began reciting the Lord’s Prayer, however one man opted to trade the Holy Spirit for a different kind of spirit… whiskey.


A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock