Ric Flair Hilariously Denies Viral Picture Was Him: “The Nature Boy Doesn’t Ride Trains”

Ric Flair wearing sunglasses

The stylin’, profilin’ limousine ridin’, jet flyin’, train ridin’, kiss-stealing, wheelin’ n’ dealin’ son of a gun! WOOOOO.

Can you spot the lie?

The Nature Boy went viral all over social media yesterday, as a picture surfaced of a man, who’s back of the head looked incredibly similar to Flair’s, going full bush diver, doing the dirty deed on a woman on a train.

Twitter went absolutely BEZERK.

Now I’ll say, there’s no way to actually tell if it’s Flair or not, you can only see the similar thin hair on the back of his head… and then a woman folded up like a lawn chair going full spread eagle.

Of course, the famed wrestler himself went to social media to come to his own defense, fully denying that it was him.


Because the Nature Boy don’t ride no damn trains.

The saying goes:

“Admit nothing, deny everything.”


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A beer bottle on a dock