5 Under The Radar Songs I Can’t Stop Listening To

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One of the greatest joys for a music fan is having a secret…

Whether it’s an artist, or an album, or a song, there’s something so fun about knowing music that most people don’t.

Of course, it’s always better for those great works or artists to get the love they deserve (hence why I started writing about them in the first place), but you do lose the giddiness that comes with being one of a select few in on the secret.

When one of my “secret” favorites starts blowing up, I go on a hunt for more music, let myself indulge for a little bit, then I do what ever small part I can to push the songs to whoever will listen.

That being said, here’s 5 under the radar songs I can’t stop listening too.

Red Shahan – “Mrs. Buy Me Something”

I cannot say enough good things about the latest record from Red Shahan.

Top to bottom, I truly think it’s one of the best I’ve ever heard. The title track “Javelina” is the biggest hit to this point, but “Mrs. Buy Me Something” is just fantastic.

We’ve all met a woman (or two) who think they’re the best thing in the world for no apparent reason and Red goes no-holds-barred on this one. Just fantastic.

Joshua Ray Walker – “Sexy After Dark”

When I originally thought about this list, I was going to put Joshua Ray Walker’s “Lot Lizard” or “Boat Show Girl,” but ever since “Sexy After Dark” came out I’ve been walking around singing it non-stop. From the lead horns and saxophone solo, to the echoing background electric guitar, super catchy melody and awesome falsetto, this song absolutely rocks.

I mean, it belongs in a Quentin Tarantino movie. Maybe I’ll start that petition…

The music video is also phenomenal, equal parts hilarious, cinematic and spot on with the ethos of the song, people becoming whoever they want when the sun and expectations go down. I can’t wait for the rest of the album.

Morgan Wade – “Matches and Metaphors”

Morgan Wade struck gold with her debut album Reckless and the lead single “Wilder Days,” with it leading to a record and publishing deal and putting her career on the fast track to stardom.

While “Wilder Days” is absolutely fantastic, there are so many other great songs on the record, including “Matches and Metaphors.” It’s about wanting a certain guy so badly she can’t even help being cliché about it and also has one of my favorite lines from the whole project.

“I’m not gonna tell you how I feel
It’s overrated but damn, it’s real.”

Awesome stuff.

There’s not a doubt in my mind this is just the beginning for Morgan.

Drake White – “Angel Side Of You”

Honestly, everything Drake White does seems to somehow be under the radar and it’s one of the most confusing things in all of country music. He’s got a killer voice, unique style, great song writing and even an endorsement from The Rock, I mean what else can people want?

On his comeback of sorts, Drake has put out two songs from an upcoming album titled Hurts The Healing, including “Angel Side of You,” which is a thank you too his wife for everything she’s done for him over the years, and I’m sure through the recovery process from his collapse a few years back.

Absolutely cannot wait for more new music from him.

Lainey Wilson – “LA”

Lainey Wilson is another superstar in the making. From the bellbottoms, to the strong Louisiana accent, to the great songwriting, Lainey has everything you want. Her latest album Sayin What I’m Thinkin is rock solid and gave her a huge boost into the mainstream with “Things A Man Oughta Know,” but my favorite from the record is “LA”, a boot-stomping, good-timing jam.

I’m very surprised this hasn’t gotten more popularity out of the gate, but when people start hearing it, I’d bet it’ll take off. There has to be a line dance made for this song, there just has to be…

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