Drake White Is BACK, Announces Upcoming Album “Hurts The Healing”

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It’s always great waking up to new music on Fridays, but when it’s from Drake White, it’s just a little better…

As you may know, in August 2019, Drake collapsed on stage and was rushed to the hospital to treat an AVM (basically tangled blood vessels that cut off blood supply to the brain), which eventually hemorrhaged and left him fighting for his life, let alone the ability to perform.

He was able to start walking and playing guitar again in late 2019 and even released an EP as the world began to burn in 2020 which included the super smooth “Mix ‘Em With Whiskey” then joined Riley Green’s First Episode of the Golden Saw Series, even joining Riley and Erik Dylan for a cover of the Tracy Lawrence classic “Time Marches On”. 

Drake released the first two tracks from his upcoming full-length album named Hurts The Healing, including the title track.

“Hurts The Healing” has an upbeat, catchy rhythm and show cases the phenomenal vocal skills he has and lyrics that are both sad and uplifting.

“This pain ain’t nothing like I’ve never known
This heartbroke has got a hold and won’t let go
Even in the worst I’ve got a feeling
Maybe the hurts the healing”

The story behind the song:

“Angel Side Of You” has a gospel-esk, theatrical style (Great for his voice) and is an ode to a woman who saved him from his hard lifting, stubborn ways.

“Heaven must be listening
To every word you’re whispering
If I were God I’d talk through you too
Cause I’d still be hard living
Stubborn as the wild wind
Every stitch across this beaten heart is cruel
But you can’t hide the angel side of you”

Drake White has long been one of the most underrated acts in all of music and now is nothing short of a complete inspiration. Can you imagine having to relearn to walk, play guitar and sing and then still putting your whole heart into it every chance you get? Blows me away.

If you won’t take it from me, take it from The Rock: You should be listening to Drake White. 

Also, check out his appearance on the Whiskey Riff Raff Podcast.

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