Trey Lewis Proves His Versatility With The Title Track To His Newest EP “Shut The Door”

You remember Trey Lewis, right?

If you don’t, Trey gave us the viral hit “Dicked Down In Dallas” that popped off on TikTok and then quickly shot to the top of the charts when he released it on iTunes.

Now, obviously when somebody’s first big hit is a song called “Dicked Down in Dallas” and has lines about getting “anal in Austin” and “buttfucked in Boston,” you’ve gotta wonder whether it’s all a gimmick or whether this guy should really be taken seriously as an artist.

I gotta be honest, I was one of those people who thought that it was all a stunt. I assumed that Trey would probably have a hit with a funny song, and that would basically be it.

But Trey just dropped his latest EP, Shut the Door, I’m happy to admit I was wrong. Because the title track proves that he’s the real deal.

“Shut the Door” is a steamy love song about two people who are still recovering from their previous breakups (maybe because his last girlfriend was down in Dallas getting…well, you know).

“I got scars and so do you
Found out the hard way hearts ain’t bulletproof
So, baby, won’t you come on in?
You been through heaven, hell, and back again
We both been hurtin’, felt that burn
But I ain’t him and you’re not her

So shut the door, shut the door
We can take it nice and slow
Strip away all the paint
Leave it scattered on the floor
Skin on skin
Closer than we’ve ever been before
Shut the door”

The whole EP has a much more serious tone, full of heartbreak and reflection, making it clear that Trey wants to be known as more than the “Dicked Down in Dallas” guy.

And after giving it a listen, Trey definitely has my attention now.

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