Drunk Texas Guy Knuckles Up With Irish Truck Driver In Hilarious One-Sided Scrap

A group of men standing next to a truck

Well, well… what do we got here.

In one corner, we have an apparently drunk Texas fella rocking the hillbilly signature uniform, AKA no shirt and overalls.

In the other corner, an Irish Traveller (basically an Irish gypsy) truck driver that has an inordinate amount of patience, (especially for a Traveller, they’re known to thrown down).

We don’t really have any context for how this all got started but our drunk Texas fella wants to throw down and the Irish lad gives him every opportunity to walk away.

He doesn’t…

But the most hilarious part of the entire exchange when another Irish lad yells:

“Don’t hit him in the mouth… he probably has AIDS.”

Texas was NOT happy.

But as pissed off as Texas was during this whole ordeal, he never had a chance…

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A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock