Willie Nelson Wows The Crowd At Austin City Limits With Bluesy Rendition Of “Night Life” In 1979

PLAY those blues Willie.

Everybody knows that Willie Nelson can play some damn good country/western music. However, the real ones know that the man can also pick the hell outta the guitar, and sing the blues.

All the way back in 1979, Willie paid a visit to Austin City Limits to perform the song “Night Life.”

Written by Willie Nelson himself in 1960, “Night Life” was originally rejected by record producer Pappy Daily because he didn’t consider it a country song. Against the wishes of Daily, the song was recorded as “Nite Life,” under the name Paul Buskirk and the Little Men featuring Hugh Nelson.

It was eventually recorded by Ray Price, Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin and more, with Willie himself re-recording it under his own name in 1963.

Not gonna lie, could you picture a more perfect song to listen to while you’re sitting around a campfire with your buddies, zooted off your arse?

We’re talking DREAM scenario.

Kick back, relax, and enjoy some fine guitar pickin’ on this fine Friday evening.

Of course, he would later record a version with blues legend BB King.

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