Nebraska Man Goes Off The Rails In Local Walmart: “Ever Heard Of Chuck Liddell? I Train Guys Like Him”

Just when I finally begin to regain hope in humanity, dipshits like this start popping up on my timeline.

And where can you always count on finding some internet asshats?


For one, you’re always going to see people from all ends of the spectrum at any Walmart. Winners, losers, chain-smokers and boozers, yuppies, bikers… thirsty hitchhikers. Ok, that’s a line from Toby Keith’s “I Love This Bar,” but the same could be said for Walmart… there’s all kinds of kinds there.

And that includes certified psychopaths.

And this guy?

Certified psychopath.

A verbal altercation broke out between a man and woman at a Walmart in Lincoln, Nebraska. And unfortunately it appears as though this male Karen prompted the recording with some racist remarks.

When the video begins to roll, the woman videoing accuses the man of being racist to who may be a Middle Eastern employee of the store, because he begins to talk about how he lost a bunch of his fellow firemen in 9/11 because of people like her. But then he mentions Mexico and Spain so who really knows? Point is, he was being a piece of shit.

But this isn’t your run-of-mill racist old man, this dude is off his damn rocker.

Just listen to some of things that came out of his mouth, especially when another man gets involved:

“I’m almost 70, you better respect your elders.”

“Just get away from me. Roger that… go to church will ya, you need some prayer.”

“I’m a retired LA firemen… and when someone can’t speak English and we can’t communicate, guess what happens? People die.”

When a manager walks up and asks him to leave, he’s confronted by another man, and they’re inches away from throwing hands right there in the entertainment department.

And the off-the-wall one-liners continue

“Ever heard of Chuck Liddell? I train guys like him… how about Conor McGregor?”

“You’re talking to LA’s finest pal… this ain’t Podunk, Iowa.”

“This is 200 pounds of IRON.”

“You don’t wanna know what these eyes have seen.”

“I’m fine… my heart rate is about 55, man.”

All in a day’s work at Walmart.

Unfortunately, his threat of “you don’t know what these eyes have seen” might be a all too true. Hopefully, he can get some help.

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