Miranda Lambert Shares Touching Tribute After Having To Say Goodbye To Her Dog Jessi

Miranda Lambert and a dog

Miranda Lambert shared some sad news on Instagram earlier.

She had to say goodbye to her beloved dog, Jessi, after almost 14 years with her. I’m sure a lot of us know the pain of losing a pet, and really, it just freaking sucks.

Miranda rescued Jessi on the side of the road during a sleet storm in Oklahoma, along with her late dog Waylon, 13 and a half years ago when they were just six weeks old.

Waylon and Jessi were siblings, and she unfortunately had to put Waylon to sleep last October.

She shared the story of where she got their names and some of the sadness she’s feeling having to put her down, along with some sweet photos with Jessi over the years:

“Today we had to say goodbye to our sweet Jessi. I got to love her and be her mom for 13 1/2 years. I found her and her brother Waylon on the side of the road in Oklahoma in Jan 2008 in the middle of a sleet storm. They were 6 weeks old.

My mom was in the truck with me and we were listening to the I Am Jessi Colter album. That’s how they got their names. We lost Waylon last October but we got to have Jessi just a little longer.

But the truth is they belong together. They always have. I know she missed him terribly and we are so thankful to have had extra time. Today they are reunited at the rainbow bridge.

We sent her off with the song “Storms Never Last” from the same record she heard playing the first time I put her in my truck. I can’t put into words what a dogs love does to a heart. But if you have one you already know…

It’s so hard to let them go but the love is worth it.”

Miranda performed the track “Storms Never Last” a couple years ago at the Grand Ole Opry, which she mentioned in the post was included on I Am Jessi Colter and also the song they played as they sent Jessi off today.

I’m sure hearing it might just help ease the pain even a little bit…

Or at the very least, it’ll be a good old fashioned country song for Miranda to drink and cry to while she grieves the loss of her sweet dog:

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