VIDEO: Ryan Bingham’s Hawaiian Hunting And Fishing Trip With Remi Warren

A few weeks ago, Instagram footage revealed that actor, former bull rider, and badass country musician Ryan Bingham was in Hawaii with Remi Warren, one of the biggest names in the hunting world.

The two new friends provided a behind the scenes glimpse into their axis deer hunt on the Island of Lanai. With two big names on such a big adventure, it seemed likely that the hunt was part of a larger video production.

While the brief preview was cool, the full video is even cooler.

The project is titled “Common Bond,” and it’s something that Warren explains in the video. The video is more about just shooting a deer, it’s about the common bond that all hunters share with each other.

The common bond is why no two hunters are ever strangers, because as soon as they meet each other they immediately have a mutual interest to draw a genuine connection from.

Hunting is the common bond. It’s more about friendship, food, and storytelling than it is pulling the trigger or letting an arrow fly. However, you do have to pull the trigger or let an arrow fly before you can grill your own teriyaki venison backstop like Ryan and Remi cooked up.

After their successful hunting trip, Bingham and Warren also hit the water to do a little saltwater fishing too.

The video winds down with an acoustic jam session that features Bingham’s hit song Southside of Heaven.

Bingham also sheds some light on how special that song in particular is to him. He explains that it was the first song that he felt like was truly his, and the first song that really resonated with crowds on a deeper level at his live shows.

“Professional hunter and guide Remi Warren and musician Ryan Bingham head to Hawaii to hunt Axis deer and fish the Pacific Ocean.

They celebrate success with fireside music and freshly cooked wild meals.”

Axis deer in Hawaii can be hunted year round because they are an introduced species.

They were introduced to the island of Molokai, Hawaii in the 1860s as a gift from Hong Kong.

Soon afterwards the deer were also introduced to the island Lanai and they are now plentiful on both islands. In the 1950s, the deer were introduced to the island of Maui to increase hunting opportunities in part due to the growing popularity of hunting them on the other two islands.

The species has no natural predators on the Hawaiian islands, thus their population is growing rapidly each year, causing serious damage to agriculture and natural areas. Hunting is the best way to keep their numbers in check and at more ecologically balanced levels. Most axis deer hunts in Hawaii are done through licensed guides and outfitters on private land where the deer compete with agricultural interests.

Axis hunting is administered through the Hawaiian Department of Lands and Natural Resource’s Division of Forest and Wildlife and hunters are required to buy a hunting license.

The sale of hunting licenses directly funds the conservation of wildlife habitat and public land as well as the development of gun ranges in all 50 states.

Buying a hunting license protects you from potentially being fined, having your gear confiscated, and/or losing your hunting privileges. It’s important to remember that just because you have a hunting license in one state, that does not mean it is valid in another state.

As always, please hunt responsibly and save the whiskey for the campfire at night.

And if you want to see more of the incredibly talented Ryan Bingham’s work, then stay tuned for Season 4 of Yellowstone which is rumored to be premiering in early November.

Bingham will also be starring in a spinoff for the show, filming for which begins in the near future.

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