Woman Drinks 50-Year-Old Coors Banquet To Tribute Her Late Husband On Would-Be 50th Anniversary

You gotta be a sucker for a good ol’ love story every now and then.

This one? Well, it spans over 50 years.

You always see these huge celebrations for long-term marriages, and rightfully so. Being married for 50 years is no easy task, and I’m sure it takes a shit ton of work with a lot of ups and downs along the way.

However, for one South Dakota woman, she decided to take a much simpler, yet incredible route, to honor her late husband’s wishes for what would be their 50th anniversary.

According to Siouxland Proud, Diane and Ed Nesselhuff met in 1969 as they worked at a summer camp together, and the rest was history.

The love birds married in 1971.

The couple took a trip after the wedding to visit Ed’s family in Colorado, and that’s when they celebrated in one of the best ways I’ve ever heard:

Over some good ol’ Coors Banquets.

Diane recalled the celebration very well:

“You couldn’t buy Coors anywhere but Colorado. I just remember Ed pulling it out and saying, ‘We’ll drink this at our 50th Anniversary.’

It just got packed up and went with us.”

The couple’s son, Ben, remembered the iconic Banquets from that fateful trip in Colorado:

“I probably wasn’t 10, my father telling me he assumed it will just turn to sludge. So occasionally I would shake it a little bit just to hear the liquid, flow a little bit.”

As Ed was a Lutheran pastor, the family often had to travel. According to Diane, the Banquets went from Wisconsin, to Minneapolis, to British Columbia, to Rapid City, to Chamberlain, to Maryland, and back to Vermillion (South Dakota).

In Vermillion, Ed served as the campus pastor at the University of South Dakota.

However, things began to take a turn for the worse in 2016, as he was diagnosed with Lung Cancer, only five years away from that much anticipated 50th wedding anniversary celebration over some Coors Banquets.

Ben recalled the time when reality sank in, as he realized his father wouldn’t get to see his 50th anniversary with Diane:

“The last few weeks of his life it was clear he wasn’t going to make it to another anniversary.

I did tell him that on the 50th, I’d split the beer with mom.”

After Ed passed, the countdown began.

Finally, on February 14th, 2021, it was officially Ed and Diane’s 50th anniversary.

Diane reminisced on that long-awaited day:

“We knew it was time to drink the beer.

The day of, we sat down and talked awhile about dad about Ed and our marriage the kids and what happened over the years and we got out the Coors.

If you never hear from us again it’s because we have botulism.

So, Diane and Ben began to drank the 50 year old beer, and boom…

Just as good as it was back in ’71.

“I thought it was very tasty I was surprised. I thought it would be full of crap, but it was good.”

Now come on, that’s love right there. I can’t even drink a beer that has been sitting in the fridge for over a month, it’s just not the same.

I guess the power of love won over taste.

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A beer bottle on a dock