Faster Horses Festival Releases Statement On The Four Tragic Deaths From This Past Weekend

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Some heartbreaking news coming out of Michigan this past weekend.

As Brooklyn, Michigan’s Faster Horses Festival came to a close on Sunday, the good times enjoyed by many will forever be marred by two tragic accidents that took the lives of four festival goers, and left two more fighting for their lives in critical condition.

Over the weekend, the Lenawee County Sheriff’s Department revealed that 5 young men had suffered acute carbon monoxide poisoning from a generator that was positioned too close to their camper at a campground near the festival.

First responders arrived to the scene to find five unconscious men in their early 20s inside the trailer. Three were pronounced dead at the scene, while the other two were taken to the hospital in critical condition.

The cause of death was determined to be acute carbon monoxide poisoning.

The Sheriff’s office released the following statement:

Another individual at the festival, 30-year-old Melissa Donna Havens, was found dead on Saturday with the cause still being investigated. She was seen with a man within 24-hours of her body being found, and investigators are asking those at the festival to help identify the man.

Many folks took to social media to blast Faster Horses for failing to make a statement regarding the four deaths, while continuing to hype the remaining days of the festival.

However today, Faster Horses released a statement regarding this awful tragedy:

“All of us in the Faster Horses Festival Family are deeply saddened by the tragic losses this weekend, as confirmed by the Lenawee County Sheriff’s department.

We will continue to stay in close contact with The Lenawee County Sheriff and all other Law enforcement agencies, and follow their lead regarding any and all information as it is officially confirmed.

Our hearts are broken for the families, friends and loved ones.”

Just a heartbreaking situation all the way around, our hearts go out to the friends and families of those who tragically passed away.

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