Zach Bryan’s 6 Most Underrated Songs

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When a catalogue is as deep and as unbelievable as Zach Bryan’s, there’s bound to be a few cuts that don’t get the attention they deserve.

Of course, Zach is still very new to the scene and until recently has been more of an underground fan favorite, but the secret’s out now and he’s got some songs that are really taking off. Songs like “Heading South,” “God Speed,” and “Condemned.”

While they’re great, there are so many others that deserve some more attention.

Here’s Zach Bryan’s 6 most underrated songs.

6. Crooked Teeth

The only song on the list without the first version having been posted to YouTube, Zach wrote himself a hell of a singalong for a murder ballad

5. Shivers Down Spines

While Zach’s known for his ability to break your heart in single a line, here he uses those lyrical talents for an intense, yet tender love song. Some of my favorite lyrics ever, I just love how the words play so well together and match the jumpy melody.

“It was cold in October
When you rolled yourself over
To pull on my shoulder to say
It took a mighty long time and too much wasted wine
To find a man who looks at me this way”

4. Messed Up Kid

This was the song that first hooked me.

There’s a lot of truth in these words, for a lot of guys. And you can hear Zach’s past in the rasp of his voice. Plus, the messed up audio on messed up kid is too funny not to laugh at.

3. Lover’s Point of View

This is one of those Zach Bryan songs that I prefer to listen to the Acoustic YouTube version than the one on the album. The words cut deep, referencing specific things in Zach’s own life that he had to work through.

“You don’t have to drink tonight why don’t we just get some sleep
‘Cause I’m tired of cryin’ in driveways as you slur the words you speak
I know growin’ up has been an evil thing to you
Makes you awful hard to love from a lover’s point of view”

2. A Boy Like You

The harmonies, along with the lyrics, just make this song fantastic. JR Carroll’s sure got some pipes too, huh? How this isn’t one of his most popular confuses me.

1. Leavin’

In my opinion, one of the best-written songs of all time. The recording he did with Truthful Sessions is beautiful all around, from the sound to the scenery.

“I hope the world don’t mind all the simple things I ask
Like a porch with good lighting and to hear my lady laugh
And I’ll act indifferent because I don’t want to leave
Because leavings for a younger man that I don’t want to be”

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