Zac Brown Band Gets Back To Their Old School Sound With New “Same Boat”

Alex Chapman

Is Zac Brown back?

I mean, we all remember that pre-pandemic mid-life crisis he was evidently going through with The Owl, and that God-awful solo project, but after a series of solid releases in the past year or so, it looks like he’s back to the old Zac Brown.

He released the tenderhearted daddy/daughter song, “The Man Who Loves You The Most,” and then followed it up with a signature Zac Brown beach vibe in that of “You And The Islands.”

And today, he’s back with another beach-y tune in the same vein as “Toes” or “Where The Boat Leaves From.”

Titled “Same Boat,” the intro is even musically reminiscent of the Zac Brown classic “Chicken Fried,” but according to Zac himself, it’s a timely song about showing empathy and spreading love. A reminder we could probably use right now:

“‘Same Boat’ is really about the human condition. It’s about how we all go through the same things, all together.

It is a chance to be able to remind people to be positive, be good to each other and show empathy. You don’t know what it’s like to walk around in someone else’s shoes.

We’re all human beings. Let’s spread some love around and show kindness to each other.”

Co-written by Zac Brown, along with Ben Simonetti and Jonathan Singleton, “Same Boat” was recorded at Zac’s Southern Ground Nashville studio.

It’s a little too “hold hands and sing Kumbaya-ey” for me, but I’ll take this over The Owl any damn day of the week.

And I’m not the only one, even the comments on the video are happy to see Zac Brown Band get back to their roots.

“I’m glad their back to this style of music… relaxing.”

“It’s been too long since I have heard this magic!”

“Back to the old Zac Brown I remember. Love it.”

“Yeah baby they’re back! Absolutely love it.”


“Absolutely respect ZBB for going out and doing something different with The Owl… But stuff like this, THIS is what makes ZBB so spectacular.”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock