Zac Brown Band Gets Back To Their Beach Tune Roots With New “You And Islands”

Wait a minute, is Zac Brown Band officially back?

After that absolute monstrosity of record called The Owl, and Zac’s even more offensive solo project, Zac and company have given us some pretty solid back-to-back releases.

The current single “The Man Who Loves You The Most” is that quintessential Zac Brown tearjerker, and this new one is another area in Zac’s wheelhouse: beach tunes.

With songs like  “Jump Right In,” “Toes,” “Knee Deep,” “Castaway” and more, Zac has proven time and time again that he knows his way around a feel-good beach tune, and “You And Islands” is no different. It’s happy, catchy, and to be honest, anytime Zac Brown isn’t rapping about Gucci and shit, I’m a happy camper.

“This unprecedented time at home has given us the opportunity to write and share new music with our fans. As we continue to navigate through this together, we hope our music can bring you a little bit of positivity and transport you to a different time and place — even if just for a few minutes. This was a fun track to record. We hope you sing along with us as we daydream about days to come.”

Does this mean Zac is finally over this weird mid-life crisis? I won’t go that far… just when I think we’re back to good, he’s going to hit me with some EDM laser music rap song and it’ll be back to the drawing board. But hey, we’re on the right track. And even the comments on the video agree:

“This song vibes HARD. I love how it seems to be going back to his original country feel, I’ve missed that!”
“Back on form – welcome back lads!”
“Thank you for returning to the sounds we all feel in love with.”
“Welcome back Zac brown.”
“Welcome back ZBB!! I love all of your music but I’m glad you’ve gotten back to your “roots!” Love it!”
“Welcome back Zac Brown!”

And that’s just a few of them…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock