A Collaborative EP From Koe Wetzel, Morgan Wallen AND Hardy? Morgan Thinks It Could Work

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The trio we didn’t know we needed.

In his first tweet since April 27th, Morgan Wallen responded to a fan who asked about the possibility of an EP from the trio.

He seemed into the idea of putting out a project alongside Texas country star Koe Wetzel and longtime friend Hardy:

“Hear me out… Koe Wetzel, Morgan Wallen and Hardy drop an EP together. Shit would be a banger.”

To which Morgan responded:

“I think we could come up with something halfway decent.”

Ah, modesty…

Of course, Koe and Hardy have actually gone on tour together in Texasbut it looks like Morgan might be wanting a piece of the action, too.

It sent his fans into a frenzy on Twitter, and they seemed thrilled at the prospect of this collab:

And, if Morgan is going to have his bestie on the EP, it only seems right that Koe should have Parker join in, right?

I mean, if we really wanna take this to another level, I think we might as well make it a damn quartet.

Can you even imagine if they all went on tour? I don’t know if anybody would make it out alive.

When you say Koe Wetzel and Morgan Wallen, you’re talking about two of the most loyal, hardcore, rabid fanbases in all of country music. Granted, maybe start with a song before we move all the way to EP territory, but still, it sounds like Morgan likes the idea.

The response also serves as Morgan’s first real tweet since the racial slur incident back in February. Morgan has largely remained out of the spotlight up until recently, and aside from a letter to the fans, and fishing photo with Eric Church, he hasn’t posted anything.

We did see Morgan at Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa VIP party. He recently debuted a new song that he co-wrote with her titled “Thought You Should Know,” and as well as another untitled demo. He also made his return to the stage at Kid Rock’s bar a couple weeks ago.

So while he previously announced that he won’t be touring this summer, it seems like he is slowly but surely making his way back into the country music world.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a tour announcement come this fall… and who knows, maybe Koe Wetzel and Hardy will be on the bill.

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