15 Funny, Weird, Kind Of Corny Brad Paisley Songs That We All Still Love

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I’m not sure if there’s an artist that puts out a wider spread of country music than Brad Paisley.

He’s got one of the greatest sad songs ever written in “Whiskey Lullaby,” some of the best love/wedding songs with “Then,” “She’s Everything,” “Little Moments,” and “We Danced,” as well as some great self-reflective songs in “Letter To Me” and “Anything Like Me.”

And who could forget some of the best redneck anthems like “Mud On The Tires,” “I’m Gonna Miss Her,” and “Alcohol.”

But there’s another category of songs Brad’s made quite the name for himself in.

I don’t know how to describe them in any way other than kinda funny, kinda weird…

Country Music Comedy

Most of these songs are as corny as Brad and his skits when hosting the CMAs, some try to tackle bigger issues and fall short, and some… well, I just don’t know what they do, but they’re pretty fun to listen to, if for nothing more than a laugh.

Here’s my top 15 funny, weird, kind of corny Brad Paisley songs

15. Me Neither

There’s an infinite number of country songs about a really cool guy trying to pick up a girl at a bar (and in those songs the success rate is pretty much 100%).

But what happens when that girl says no? Look no further than this one-sided conversation…

14. The Cigar Song

What do you do when you have expensive tastes but no money to indulge them? Brad’s answer is insurance fraud, but just try not to let the detectives catch you…

13. I’m Still A Guy

In a world where some people say men should be less manly, Brad takes a stance and holds his ground (and tackle box).

12. Spaghetti Western Swing

This song is really more of an album outro, but the commentary in the beginning is just too good to pass up. I mean, who came up with the term Spaghetti Western anyway? It’s so strange.

11. Ticks

Some may say Brad’s in this one for himself, but I think his true intention is to make sure this girl stays healthy. Ticks can carry lyme disease so this is really a story of good guy Brad to the rescue.

10. Famous People

Yeah, some people act in big movies and drive fancy cars, but some were stud high school football players and catch lake record bass. Both are famous in their own worlds.

9. Karate

Domestic abuse is no joke (obviously), but a woman learning karate and putting her abusive man in his place is awesome. Plus, the rhyme of karate with Tecate is so catchy.

8. The Pants

Who wears the pants in most relationships? Even if you’re a macho man benching 350, it’s probably not you.

7. Catch All The Fish

Just a good old fashion drinking and fishing song, and probably the prequel to “I’m Gonna Miss Her”…

6. Accidental Racist

This one definitely falls more in the weird category than funny, and also made our list of Most Controversial Country Songs. We all appreciated the effort to bring about more racial unity, but this just ain’t it dude…

5. selfie#theinternetisforever

Pretty much just a check list of some of the weirdest things that people have posted on the internet… Yeah, it’s great for somethings (like reading Whiskey Riff) but we all know people personally that have taken it too far.

4. Celebrity

Wouldn’t Brad Paisley count as a celebrity? Less so when he put this song out, but he does make some good points about what people can get away with when they have a little bit of status.

Well, maybe not so much these days with cancel culture or whatever you want to call it, but hey, what do I know.

3. Camouflage

There’s only one thing that makes Chevy Cavaliers and prom tux’s better: Mossy Oak. My prom date shut down my idea of the camo tux, which was very disappointing…

2. Harvey Bodine

A guy dies for a few minutes then says that counts for his “Til Death Do Us Part” wedding vow to his miserable wife?  Count me in, I love it. Reminds me of the prisoner who tried the same excuse to get let out of jail…

1. Online

Honestly, one of my favorite Brad Paisley songs… Yes, it’s corny as hell, yes it’s cliché, but man, oh man is it fun. And hey, here I am, writing an online article, pretending I’m much cooler than I am. Full-circle.

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