These Condos At Charlotte Motor Speedway Are Some Of The Best Seats In NASCAR

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Imagine being able to look out your window and watch a NASCAR race from the comfort of your living room.

Or getting hammered at the Coke 600 and then being able to get up out of your seat, walk 20 feet to your bed, and pass out.

Well if you have one of these condos at Charlotte Motor Speedway you can do just that.

The track is unique in that it features not only grandstand seating, but also has 52 condos overlooking turn one of the racetrack that offer fans an opportunity to actually live at the racetrack – or, most likely, have a pretty sweet vacation home to catch the race from when NASCAR rolls into town.


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Charlotte Motor Speedway, along with sister tracks Atlanta and Texas Motor Speedway, all have condo units overlooking the track, complete with floor-to-ceiling glass windows for optimal race viewing. Condo owners also receive five tickets and three parking passes to each race, with the option of purchasing more if they want to host a larger party on race day.


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The condos come at a premium though: A two-bedroom, 1400-square foot condo at Charlotte typically costs around $500,000-600,000 if you’re looking to buy one for yourself.

But man, you can’t beat that view of the track.

And last year, condo owners were the first fans back at professional sporting events during the pandemic, when NASCAR re-started its season without fans in the stands.


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If buying a condo at a racetrack isn’t in your budget, you can also find them on sites like Airbnb to rent for the race – as long as you’re willing to fork out a few thousand bucks for the weekend.

But hey, if you get a few friends together, this would be a great way to spend a race weekend.

And you wouldn’t have to worry about driving home or back to your hotel after the race when you’ve spent all day partying.

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