Garth Brooks Says He Listens To Trisha Yearwood’s Music To “Set The Mood” In The Bedroom


If you know anything about Garth Brooks, you knows he’s on of the highest-selling entertainers of all time, he’s a country music superstar, he still routinely sells out football stadiums in a matter of minutes, and he’s married to the great Trisha Yearwood.

You also might know that he’s one of the most emotional dudes on planet Earth.

I mean, I’m 99% sure Trisha keeps a big box of Kleenex in her purse, just ready to go at all times. You never know when something is gonna send G over the edge.

We all saw him tear up during Chris Stapleton’s killer performance of “Shameless,” he recently teared up again talking about the impact of HIS OWN music on fans, he got emotional during an episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show when Kelly spoke on her divorce and “The Dance.

And finally, if you saw his recent Christmas special… well… you already know.

Which is why this doesn’t surprise me one bit.

Mr. Yearwood in the Bedroom

Garth and Trisha guest hosted The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday, and after celebrating 15 years of marriage recently, they took some questions from the audience about relationship advice.

And one of those question was all about sexy time.

More specifically, what do they like to do in the bedroom to “set the mood”? Well, G gave the most predictable answer you could possibly imagine… listening to Trisha Yearwood music.

Here’s what he said:

“I think, for me, music is the big thing for me to set the mood.

And I don’t know if you listen to country music, but one of the greatest female voices ever on the planet is this gorgeous blonde named Trisha Yearwood. Yeah.

That’ll get you in the mood right there.”

Nothing sexier than a little “Walkaway Joe,” a little “She’s In Love With The Boy,” maybe even a little “XXXs and OOOs” to get the blood flowing, am I right, G?

We all know you love Trisha, we all know you call yourself “Mr. Yearwood,” but c’mon dude… say something normal.

And for Trisha, she said… John Legend.


A Visit From Matthew McConaughey

Alright, alright, alright…

The great Matthew McConaughey stopped by the show as well yesterday.

Of course, he famously starred in Trisha’s “Walkaway Joe” music video back in the day, but they got to talking about everything from family life and politics, to his new book Greenlights, and even how he met his wife Camila in a bar.

And now that he’s about to have a teenager in the house, in addition his 89 year old mother, Garth offered up a fair warning about everything he’ll be walking into.

Check it out:

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