Garth Brooks Gets Emotional (Shocker) Talking About The Impact His Music Has Had On Fans

Trisha, get the Kleenex ready… G is gettin’ all misty.

For the debut episode of motivational speaker Inky Johnson’s Serendipity Podcast, Garth Brooks got to chatting about all the different facets of his career… from the glory days in the ’90s, all the way up to now.

And it was only a matter of time before G got emotional.

In response to the question: What is the most rewarding part about your career? Garth started choking up thinking about the kind of impact his music has had on fans. In particular, “The Dance.”

“It’s what it does for other people… I’m stunned. It’s letters, posts, all these things you know, it’s ‘I had the gun in my mouth, then I heard ‘The Dance’.’ 

It’s that kind of stuff, where you just go, ‘thank you God,’ cause you know I never ever felt like I was worth anything.

You know, we read the Bible and you read all these guys and man what they went through, just to show their love for one another and show their love to Christ and I’m going ‘shoot, I’ve never done that in my life.’ I’ve never, ever even got close to being that heard or that hungry.

And then to hear something cool that you had a part to do with is what is so sweet and so rewarding here. If I really thought though that it was Garth Brooks, I’d be all alone and none of this would happen, so these are all results of all the people being in the right place at the right time and something good coming out of it.”

G gonna G.

In other news, Trisha Yearwood has been recovering from COVID and Garth was just forced to reschedule his Charlotte show. Plus, Morgan Wallen broke his record this past week after his double album Dangerous spent its first seven weeks at the top of the country charts, the only country record to ever do so.

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