Tyler Childers Takes Fans In Studio And Behind The Songs “Creeker” And “Lady May”

Tyler Childers is easily the most recognizable name in non-mainstream country music right now, and today, he gave us a little taste of what inspires his music, while also going in-depth behind the lyrics of his songs “Lady May,” and “Creeker.”

Childers is a pretty reserved and low key guy, so it’s really cool to catch a glimpse of what it’s like being in the studio with him.

First off, he explains what inspired him to start writing music:

“Telling stories is a trait of people from my area. They like to tell tales, and I sat around a lot with my dad at hunting clubs, and outside of church and at barber shops, listening to fellas older than me telling tales and flat out lies, and I guess some of that rubbed off on me.”

I don’t see songwriting as a job, so much as it’s something to do to keep from working.”

He then talks about the lyrics behind “Lady May,” and how it’s a tribute to his wife, Senora May, a Kentucky native and great folk singer in her own right. He even brings up the point that his way of making up to her after a fight is by writing her love songs:

“It used to be anytime I’d get in trouble, or upset her, it’s just as easy as writing a love song, ya know. It’s not as effective as it used to be nowadays.”

He then goes in-depth behind the lyrics of his song “Creeker.”

He recalls the time he was partying and playing music in Chicago until 6 AM, and didn’t wake up until 5 PM the next day, and he was taking an Uber to his cousin’s place. After he was dropped off, he realized he was 30 minutes from the spot he was supposed to be.

He only had $5 to his name, and only 2% charge left on his phone, so he found a bar, got what he could get for $5, and charged his phone and had to get his cousin to come pick him up.

It’s honestly impressive how he can turn just a funny situation like that, and make it an incredibly deep song.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the story of Tyler Childers, and his out of this world vocals on his songs “Lady May” and “Creeker.”


“Lady May”

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