Parents Create Hilarious “Who To Call If You F*ck Up” List For Daughter While They’re On Vacation


I can’t imagine how nerve-racking it is for parents to leave their kid at the house while on vacation. I mean, you’ve seen the movies. How many times in a movie have you heard:

“Brittney’s parents are out of town, she’s throwing a party and everybody’s invited.”

Next thing you know, shit hits the fan, and the whole house…. in ruins.

Needless to say, parents are always holding their breath from the time they leave the house, to the time they walk back in after vacation. However, one mom went above and beyond to ensure her daughter wouldn’t fool around.

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TikTok user @korish1975 shared a list that her and her husband left their daughter incase she fucks up after they leave for vacation. And there are two specific names absent on the list for her to call if she does screw up: Mom and dad.

“Who ya gonna call?… NOT US.”

A couple of examples of who she could call though:

“If you think you f*cked up, but you aren’t sure if we will care… call Theresa.”

“If you know you f*cked up and you need help covering it up… call Caroline.”

“If you f*cked up and you’re in jail… call Holden.”

Whatever the daughter does, she simply cannot do one thing. Call her parents.

More TikTok craziness 

I mean, who can blame them though? They don’t want to be bothered while on vacation. They’re going for the soul purpose of “getting away.”

Now, the parents are TikTok famous, receiving almost three million views on their viral video.

Showboat Dad Sticks His Head Inside Drawn Bow & You’ll Never Guess What Happened Next…

How’s that old saying go… you can’t fix stupid?

It shouldn’t take a brain surgeon to know that you should never shove your head inside a drawn compound bow, and this idiot dad is definitely not a brain surgeon. Nope, he just had to hot dog it front of the family.

Once you get it back to full draw and you feel the weight let up (because that’s how a compound bow works), dads starts feeling a little too confident, a little too relaxed, starts getting some funny ideas…

BIG mistake.

I’m not sure if this is his first day with a bow or not, but after that, it might be his last.

And if nothing else, at least he’s internet famous for being one of the dumbest people on Earth to ever pick up a bow. To date, the video has garnered over 21 MILLION views on Facebook.


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