Zach Bryan To Make His Grand Ole Opry Debut, Releases New Song “Someday On My Mind”


Zach Bryan is officially gearing up to make his Grand Ole Opry debut.

The news was shared by Zach’s father in a public Zach Bryan fan group, so it appears as though Zach will be joining Carly Pearce, Runaway June, Aaron Weber, Matthew West and Darin & Brooke Aldridge, on April 10th.

As of right now, the sold-out show doesn’t have Zach’s name on the bill, but it does say that more artists are to be announced.


Tune in HERE:

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Zach also recently released a new song titled “Someday On My Mind.”

And according to a Facebook post from Zach, he dedicated it to a young fan that passed away in a tragic accident:

“So at the beginning of March, an amazing woman had messaged about her daughter who had passed away in an accident at 18. She had done some art pieces, like a painted vinyl of DeAnn and journaled about my music and wrote a lot of beautiful stuff about my songs and me.

I didn’t quite know how to respond because that’s a deep thing to try an muster up words for, but this past weekend we were recording a song called “Someday on my Mind” and Caleb asked if we all wanted to go get breakfast at this random hole in the wall place. We walked in looking for seating inside, but it was packed, the weather was perfect and after finding a table outside we all sat their laughing, eating and enjoying the morning.

I was taking some video just for B-roll for the song. Her daughters name was Maggie and where her name is, is exactly where I was sitting. Her mom and I talked a little about her and her journals and everything but embarrassingly enough I hadn’t thought of it too much.

I put this video up and her mom messages my dad and sure enough. Exactly where I was sitting at this exact time, of all the tables and restaurants, of all the chairs I could have sat, in all the towns we could have picked to record this song.

Thank you Maggie, Someday On My Mind was for you.”

What a story…

If you think music doesn’t matter… you’re wrong.

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