Lucinda Williams Suffered A Stroke Late Last Year, On The Road To Recovery

Lucinda Williams sitting on a chair
Danny Clinch

Lucinda Williams is an icon in the rock, folk, and country music realms ever since she hit the music scene back in 1978.

However, a few days before Thanksgiving last year, she was getting ready to take a shower, when she began to lose her balance. After stumbling around, she collapsed and couldn’t walk.

After a call to her doctor and a trip to the hospital, the 67-year-old star found out that she just had a stroke.

She had this to say in an interview with Rolling Stone:

“An ambulance came and got me, and we told them not to put the big siren on. We didn’t want to alarm the neighbors or anything. But they put the sirens on.”

Williams spent a week at Nashville’s Vanderbilt Medical Center in the intensive care unit, and doctors discovered a blood clot on the right side of her brain, affecting the left side of her body.

For the past six months, Williams has been rehabbing and working with therapists to recover from the affects of the stroke. She walks with a cane, has pain in her left arm and leg, and is no longer able to play the guitar.

But now, she’s ready to get back on the big stage.

She’s been spending her alone time writing up a storm, and has no doubt that she will be back on stage and singing by the summer.

“I feel good and positive about playing again. We’ve got some shows scheduled with Jason Isbell for late July and we’re planning on doing those.

I don’t know if I’ll stand up and sing or I’ll sit down like an old blues person. But we’ll figure it out.”

You love to see it. We know how hard it is to overcome a situation like this, as we’ve seen the effects a stroke has had on Randy Travis.

Thankfully, she can still sing so here’s to making a strong comeback this summer.

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