12 Randall King Songs That Should Be On Everybody’s Playlist

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You want real country? I’ve got your real country right here.

Randall King is quickly becoming one of my most listened to artists. The guy is countrier than cow shit, a mix of George Strait, Alan Jackson, and I can even hear some Keith Whitley and Randy Travis in there too. And his live shows are full throttle, boot-stomping displays of Texas country music that will have you throwing back the longnecks.

Simply put, he’s the real deal. Garth Brooks even said that Randall is “what country is all about to me.” He’s got that classic country sound but manages to do it in a way that has the mainstream appeal that makes him (in my opinion) exactly what today’s country radio needs.

Last year, Randall signed to Warner Music Nashville, joining other Texas artists like Parker McCollum, Koe Wetzel and Cody Johnson in what I can only pray to God is a sign that Nashville country music is going to be changing for the better. And while making the move from Texas country to a major record label often causes fans to accuse artists of “selling out” (which is usually bullshit), Randall’s newest music makes it clear that not much is going to change with his sound, even with the backing of the Nashville music machine.

So if you’re still sleeping on Randall King, it’s time to wake up. And here are 12 songs that should be on everybody’s country playlist.

“Another Bullet”

My absolute favorite song of his. I’m pretty much the furthest thing from a cowboy that you can get, but this one has even me mourning the loss of the cowboy life.

“Takin’ Me a Heartbreak”

“Dent In It”

“Mirror, Mirror”

Tell me you couldn’t hear somebody like Keith Whitley or Randy Travis singing this song back in the day.

“Keep Her On the Line”

“Takin’ It As It Comes”

“Tuggin’ on my Heartstrings”

Talk about a boot-stomper.

“Burn It at Both Ends”

“Reason to Quit”


“Around Forever”

This tearjerking tribute to his late sister, who passed away earlier this year, will hit you hard. But the video will hit you even harder. This song is Randall’s latest release from his new EP, named Leanna after his late sister.

“Hey Cowgirl”

So add these to your playlist, and then dig into the rest of his catalog, because the man doesn’t miss.

And don’t forget to watch the full episode of Whiskey Riff Raff featuring Randall here.

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