Charlie Worsham Chronicles The Frustrations Of Chasing A Dream In New “Fist Through This Town”

I’ve been saying for years that Charlie Worsham is one of the most talented people in all of Nashville. Ask anybody in the know, and they’ll agree. But hopefully, the rest of the world finds that out soon.

With his first new music since his 2017 Beginning of Things album (great album by the way), Charlie is officially BACK.

Written by Worsham, Jeremy Spillman and Travis Meadows, “Fist Through This Town” was produced by the great Jay Joyce. And according to Charlie, it’s about the frustration he’s experienced throughout his musical journey.

“I think we all go through those times when it feels like the world is against us, and that’s especially true for anyone who dares to chase down their dream.

‘Fist Through This Town’ fell onto the page late one solitary night in a little house I used to rent on Lillian Street. It was fueled by whiskey and a season of frustration, watched over by a painting of George Jones hanging on the wall, illuminated by the glow of hand-me-down lamps.

‘Fist’ was the first time I got that honest with myself about my anger. My hope is that this song can be rocket fuel for everyone else out there struggling to will a dream into existence.” 

No word yet on a full album from Worsham, but this is one helluva start.

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