Larry Fleet Releases Stunning Live Version Of “Where I Find God” From The Ryman Auditorium

Around this time last year, we were all smack dab in the middle of quarantine as COVID-19 began to show its teeth all across the world, leaving us all wondering how long we would have to live life like this.

However, one up and coming country artist released a song that helped give us a little peace in a time of so much uncertainty…

Mr. Larry Fleet.

Last April, he put out “Where I Find God,” singing about all of the places he feels closest to God. From barstools, to the living room, from the deer stand, to a Sunday morning church pew, he can feel the presence anywhere.

Now, a year later, he released a live version of the song at the Ryman auditorium in Nashville, and it’s just as powerful live, if not more. On a dark stage, in an empty auditorium… his soulful voice will make you feel like you’re the only one sitting on the front row.

Seriously though, I’m ready for the man to put out some more music…. everything he sings can make you feel some type of way.

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