Costco Is Slowly Bringing Back Their Food Courts And Free Samples

A person standing in front of a display of food

Over a year later, and things are finally starting to feel somewhat normal again.

Of course you gotta look past all of the masks and the fact that there still are a good bit of businesses shut down, but it’s great to see that we’re finally starting to get that taste of normalcy that we really haven’t been able to feel in over a year.

One of the companies that’s hopping on board is Costco.

Since the pandemic hit, Costco had to shut down its food courts (as did several other grocery stores). After a period of time, they brought back their pizza and hotdogs, but it was strictly for takeout.

If you know anything about Costco, you know that their pizza and $1.50 hotdogs are a national treasure. The cheap prices you pay for that kind of quality food should be illegal.

Now, Costco is finally making the move to re-open the food courts according to CNN Business, and needless to say, people are ecstatic.

Costco CFO Richard Galanti is fully expecting the food courts to make a come back, as he told CNN:

“God willing, but it’s going to take some time… The food courts work. They’re one of the things we’re known for. We’re pleased that they’re coming back.”

And it’s true. Anybody who lives in a town or city with a local Costco will tell you that the food courts fuckin’ slap.

I’m not saying that this is the medicine to save the world or anything, but by God, it’s gonna be nice to be back in that good ol’ Costco food court environment.

Now we just need a plan to bring back the free samples…

According to Galanti, that’s on the way as well. The plan is to hand out prepared items like sandwiches, chips, cookies and crackers from behind a plexiglass barrier. And then eventually, they’ll look to bring back cooked items for samples such as breakfast sandwiches, noodle dishes, and meatballs.

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