Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen Call On Their Beer Drinkin’ Fans For New “Hold My Beer” Music Video

The perfect beer drinkin’ song now has the perfect beer drinkin’ music video to go along with it.

Back in May of last year, Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen teamed up for second installment of their stellar Hold My Beer album series with the release Hold My Beer, Vol. 2.

“Wade and I have lived through some crazy moments in life together. Of course, there are some we can’t recall, or maybe we just don’t want to, but we’ve got hours’ worth of stories we could tell. This song lays out a few of those stories… at least, this is how we remember them.”

And for the new music video, they gave the power to the fans by having them send in a number of their best “hold my beer” moments.

From shotgunning and chugging, to lake days, ATVs and tons more post-beer nonsense in general, Wade and Randy’s fans did their best to document some good ol’ fashioned hell raisin’ Texas fun. I mean, what better way to kick off your summer than with this music video?

You best believe I will be playing this one on repeat… all summer long.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock